Dr. Donald Wirtanen Signs Employment Agreement

Davis County Hospital (DCH) is pleased to announce the signing of Dr. Donald Wirtanen as an employed physician in the Emergency Department. Dr. Wirtanen will be covering 24 hours per week within the Emergency Department at DCH. The remaining shifts will continue to be covered by DOCs Emergency Medicine, a contracted Emergency Room Service that services and covers emergency rooms across the greater Iowa area.

“We are looking forward to the continued partnership Dr. Wirtanen will provide for our emergency room, with this time around as an employee rather than an independent contractor” said Kirby Johnson, CEO of DCH. “By Dr. Wirtanen providing care as an engaged employee in our emergency room, it will allow us to focus on the continuum of care between our emergency services and the local providers in the community and surrounding regions. I’d be lying if I said we aren’t looking for more engagement through further development of an employed emergency room model. The more consistency we can provide for our patients the more likely they will be to achieve better health outcomes, and be able to navigate this complicated system of healthcare delivery. The care our patients receive after their emergency room visit is equally as important as the care they get when they’re here. This ER initiative is just another step in Davis County Hospital’s goal to help our Davis County residents build a healthier, and happier life. ”

There will not be any changes in Dr. Wirtanen’s clinic hours and operation. He will continue to provide primary care out of the Fenton Medical Clinic as usual.

“I am pleased to become a member of the DCH Emergency Department staff. The hospital is trying to move toward a model of staffing the Emergency Department with local providers to achieve a more consistent quality of care for the community. This is the first step toward achieving that goal,” said Dr. Wirtanen. “I want to assure my patients at 202 N Madison that there will no changes in my clinic operations. It will continue to be business as usual.”