DCH Now Offering 3-D Mammography Exams

Beginning December 14, Davis County Hospital is excited to offer a new 3-D Mammography exam option that could improve early detection of breast cancer. Designed from the ground up with the input from women, the GE Senographe Pristina 3-D Technology, is the first mammography system to provide women with the “three Cs”: comfort, confidence, and clarity. Utilizing advanced breast tomosynthesis technology (also known as 3-D Mammography), these exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while also decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing (compared to 2-D mammography).

“Davis County Hospital is committed to the fight against breast cancer. Bringing this new technology to our patients will help us diagnose breast cancer even earlier, increasing the chances of good outcomes” states Kirby Johnson, CEO of Davis County Hospital.  “Our investment in this 3-D Mammography technology, allows us to provide the most cutting edge technology for our community, keeping people close to home for their medical needs.”

3-D Mammography exams create multiple images or “slices” that step through the breast tissue. This allows the radiologist to see more clearly and helps reduce the impact of overlapping breast tissue. The process is performed at the same time as a traditional 2D mammogram, on the same machine with no noticeable difference in the experience or time expended for the patient.

“All women may benefit from a 3-D Mammography exam; however, there is an increased benefit to women with dense breast tissue because dense breast tissue may look similar to cancer tissue. 2-D mammography can’t always differentiate between cancer and dense breast tissue” says Susan Haskell, Manager of Medical Imaging Services at DCH. “For example, if a 2-D mammogram detects an area of concern, the radiologists may want to further investigate with a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy. Looking at the same breast tissue in 3-D, the radiologist may now see that the tissue is in fact normal breast tissue. In this scenario, the patient likely avoided a callback for an additional mammogram, giving patients a greater peace of mind.”

Not only does this system offer patients a greater peace of mind, it delivers the superior diagnostic accuracy at the same low dose as a 2-D mammography exam, the lowest patient dose of all FDA-approved 3-D mammography systems.

“We are excited to offer our patients this procedure, and we believe it’s important to broaden our geographic reach so that women across Southeast Iowa, have the option of choosing the lowest dosage exposure as possible, while receiving accurate results,” said Haskell.

If you’re interested in a 3-D Mammography exam at Davis County Hospital, please contact your primary care provider as well as your insurance to verify coverage of 3-D exam services. 3-D Mammography exams are offered at Davis County Hospital, located at 509 N Madison in Bloomfield, five days a week. Patients are able to be seen for Mammography appointments within two days of scheduling at Davis County Hospital.


DCH Welcomes Certified Diabetes Educator

Davis County Hospital is pleased to welcome Kathy Ayers, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), to the Davis County Hospital Medical Associates clinic provider group.

Kathy is a Certified Diabetes Educator who will practice at Davis County Hospital on two Wednesdays each month. She is available to see patients for Diabetes Management, and will work with them to:

  • Teach basic information about diabetes and its management
  • Understand diabetes devices, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens, insulin pumps
  • Adopt healthy eating habits through nutrition education
  • Monitor blood glucose and learn how to interpret and respond to results
  • Understand their medications

“If you have diabetes, you know how challenging it can be to manage your disease,” stated Kathy Ayers, ARNP. “Between healthy eating, physical activity, taking medication, and monitoring your condition, it becomes overwhelming very easily. I am here to work side by side with you to help you manage your diabetes for a healthy lifestyle.”

“We are excited to have Kathy join our team at Davis County Medical Associates,” said Carleena Brown, Clinic Director. “Her unique skill set in diabetes management, is an essential support piece that we can now offer our patients. Managing diabetes can be difficult, and we’re thrilled to be able to now offer this additional resource to our patients.”

To schedule an appointment with Kathy at Davis County Medical Associates clinic, please call 641-664-3832. A doctor referral is not required.