Davis County Medical Associates Clinic Launches Personalized Care Program

Davis County Medical Associates is excited to share a new program available to our patients to help manage their chronic illnesses– a Personalized Care Program!

The Personalized Care Program was created to help people living with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. Keeping track of all the visits, tests and medications for these conditions can be hard.

“The Personalized Care Program provides support and care between doctor visits to eligible patients who have multiple chronic illnesses,” stated Carleena Brown, Director of Rural Health Clinic Operations. “Services include access to a care team who can answer your healthcare questions and help you get the information, appointments, treatments, and care you need to live a healthier life.”

When you sign up to participate in the Personalized Care Program, you will be taking an important step toward living a healthier life. Benefits of the program include:

  • A dedicated care team that will coordinate all of your health care, including at another doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, in your home, or from a community service organization
  • A personalized care plan that includes steps you can take to help you reach the goals you and your doctor have set
  • Updates and communication with your doctors so they have the most accurate and complete information about your health
  • Help managing your medications, securing appointments, and addressing preventive care needs
  • Help following through on doctor’s instructions, including locating and following up with specialists and lab facilities
  • Greater access to services and support that may help you avoid medical problems, expensive emergency department visits, and hospital stays

A chronic illness is a long-lasting health problem that can often be controlled with proper treatment and management. A few examples include asthma, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and heart disease.

“Once a patient chooses to enroll in the program, they will get a customized care plan sent to them via mail or email,” said Brown. “Then registered nurses make check-in calls once or twice monthly to provide support, answer questions and see how they’re doing. The goal is to be there for our patients and provide as much support as possible to achieve and maintain wellness.”

If you are interested in participating in the program, please speak with your Davis County Medical Associates provider or call 641-954-4560.