Responses to Questions

The Hospital Board has chosen to use its website to provide its thinking, its strategy, and the information it uses to make decisions around some of the concerns that have been expressed by the community. We have grouped our remarks around themes that came through the questions. We will continue to respond to the themes raised as the Board has an opportunity to do the research and write-ups.

Please click on the links for the answers regarding the topics in the title.


April 10, 2014

  •  Finance, staff, Long Term Care, overall financial direction of the hospital

June 6, 2014

  • Annual meetings, Top five salaries

June 27, 2014


  • What caused the negative debt ratio that necessitates cutting staff hours and positions? Why  are we $400,000 short? To what extent has this been caused by expensive building additions, renovations, and off campus home purchases? Was the physician recruitment property paid for in cash?  If so, where did this cash come from?  How much cash do we have on hand for hospital operations and purchases such as this?


  • Statistical-Graphs  Acute Care, Swing Bed, Emergency Room, Outpatient visits, and Deductions from Revenue percentage

July 7, 2014

  • The bylaws give the hospital administrator the power to make final decisions on everything? What information has the board received? How were they informed and given opportunity for input? The Board is ultimately responsible or do they have any control over the hospital administrator?