Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you provide more information on insurance policies?
How can I get in touch with a Financial Counselor?
What do I need to know about Davis County Hospital's Patient Financial Services?
What financial assistance is available?
What insurance do we accept?
What is the Hospital's Financial Assistance Program Policy?
What is the Prompt Pay Discount?
Where can I view the hospital's current standard charges?
Why am I getting a bill from Diagnostic Imaging?
Why do I get multiple bills?
Why do I receive a bill for professional fees and one for facility fees?


Do I need to bring all medications to my appointment?
Does Davis County Hospital accept new patients?
How can I view the Plain Language Summary of Davis County Hospital Financial Assistance Policy?
How early do I need to come to my appointment?
What is Davis County Hospital's policy on Third Party Liability?
What is Davis County Hospital's policy on disputes?
What type of information will I need to bring with me the day of my mammogram?
Where can I report a HIPAA or Compliance Violation?

Medical Records

How do I make a Medical Records Request?

Patient Portal

Are all test results shared electronically via Patient Portal?
Are there situations where I shouldn’t use online messaging through Patient Portal?
Can I use Patient Portal to communicate an emergency?
Can I view a family member’s health record in Patient Portal?
How can I access the Patient portal?
How do I claim my invitation?
How do I sign-up for a Patient Portal?
How soon will I hear back from my care team after sending a secure message?
I don’t have any information in my Patient Portal account. Why?
I forgot my password for my Patient Portal. What should I do?
I want to “Bookmark” or set a “Favorite” link to the Patient Portal Login page. What is the best link to save?
Is Patient Portal secure?
What if I didn't receive my email invitation?
What is Patient Portal?
What should I do if corrections to my health record are needed?
When can I see test results in my Patient Portal?
Where will secure messages sent through Patient Portal go?
Who is Cerner?
Why are my results listed in metric values?
Will Patient Portal allow me to make online appointment requests?