Advanced Medical Imaging including 3D Mammograms & CT Scans

Time is valuable, especially in healthcare. When your care provider refers you for imaging, you’ll be in good hands with timely services from our Medical Imaging department. Unlike other hospitals, our inpatient services are staffed round-the-clock, every day of the year, to meet the emergent needs of patients.

Whether you are an outpatient seeking annual 3D mammograms or are admitted as a patient in the hospital, the Medical Imaging department works closely with your primary care provider to help determine the proper diagnostic testing for you. Results are sent to your provider as soon as possible for sharing with you, so you and your provider can discuss next steps in your care.

Imaging Services

Services are provided to our patients with equipment in the hospital or with convenient mobile services.

  • General Radiography
  • 3D Mammograms
  • CT Scanning
  • CT Lung Cancer Screening
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Ultrasound (Diagnostic, Cardiac, Vascular)
  • In-House MRI
  • Nuclear Imaging – Stress Testing
  • PET Scan

All out-patient services provided are done on a scheduled basis with the order from your provider.

3D Mammograms

Why choose 3D mammography for your next mammogram? Early detection is the best protection against breast cancer. This advanced breast tomosynthesis technology — which combines multiple X-rays to create a three-dimensional view of the breast — can detect breast cancer faster, even in women with no signs or symptoms. It’s safe, it’s effective and it’s available at Davis County Hospital & Clinics.

Designed from the ground up with input from women, the GE Senographe Pristina 3D Technology is the first mammography system to provide women with the “three C’s” — comfort, confidence, and clarity. These exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while also decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing (compared to 2D mammography).

In addition, the system offers patients greater peace of mind thanks to its superior diagnostic accuracy with less radiation — the lowest patient dose of any FDA-approved 3D mammography system, in fact.

If you’re interested in 3D mammograms at the Medical Imaging department at Davis County Hospital & Clinics, contact your primary care provider for a referral. The exam may be covered by insurance; contact your insurance provider to verify. 3D mammography exams are offered five days a week.

Mammography Assistance Program

Davis County Walk For Life is a mammography assistance program and is designed to assist under-insured and uninsured women in Davis County. To find out if you qualify, please contact Missy McCall at 641-664-7266. Committee Chairs are Susan Haskell & Holly Jones, who can be reached at 641-664-7139.

CT Scans

Computerized tomography, or CT scan, uses X-ray images taken from different angles around the body to create cross-sectional images — often called slices — of the patient’s bones, blood vessels and soft tissue. These images are more detailed than simple X-rays.

Why did my provider recommend a CT scan?

Providers may order this imaging test for many reasons. CT scans are especially useful diagnostic tools for detecting internal injuries, such as from car accidents or other trauma. Because they can create a picture of nearly all parts of the body, they are also used to diagnose disease or injury — and even to plan medical, surgical or radiation treatments.

A CT Scan can:

  • Diagnose muscle and bone disorders, such as tumors and fractures
  • Pinpoint the location of a tumor, infection or blood clot
  • Guide surgery, biopsy and radiation therapy procedures
  • Detect and monitor cancer, heart disease, lung nodules and liver masses
  • Monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment
  • Detect internal injuries and internal bleeding

How long does a CT scan take?

CT scans are painless and take just a few minutes. For a scheduled scan, you will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking anything for a few hours before. At your appointment, you will be asked to remove metal objects, like jewelry, belts, glasses and dentures, and you may be given a special dye called contrast material. The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

How much does a CT scan cost?

The cost of a CT scan may vary, based on factors like inpatient or outpatient exam. Level of insurance coverage will also influence the final cost to the patient.

CT Lung Cancer Screening

Davis County Hospital & Clinics offers CT Lung Cancer Screenings. Early detection of lung cancer through CT screening of people at high risk of lung cancer, has been shown to decrease lung cancer deaths by 20 percent. If caught early, lung cancer can be curable. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in American men and women. It is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. and the world. More people in America die from lung cancer alone than prostate, breast and colon cancers combined Most cases are linked to tobacco smoking.

Are you a candidate for lung cancer screening?

Specialty organizations such as The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommend lung cancer screening if you are at high risk of lung cancer.

Risk factors include:

• Age 50-77 years
• A current or former smoker that has quit within the last 15 years
• Have a smoking history of at least 20 pack-years (for example, 1 pack a day for 20 years, 2 packs a day for 10 years, etc.)
• No current symptoms of lung cancer
• Have an order from your medical provider

If you meet the criteria as high risk for lung cancer and decide to enroll in the program, please speak with one of our primary care providers today.