The Medical Imaging department at Davis County Hospital & Clinics offers a variety of imaging services to meet the needs of our patients and community. The department is staffed to provide 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year.

Whether you are an outpatient or are admitted as a patient in the hospital, the imaging department works closely with your provider to help determine the proper diagnostic testing for you. Results are sent to your provider as soon as possible so that he/she may discuss them with you and continue your care in the most appropriate manner.

Imaging Services

Services are provided to our patients on a regular basis with equipment in the hospital or by utilizing the convenience of several mobile services on a scheduled basis.

  • General Radiography
  • 3-D Mammography
  • CT Scanning
  • CT Lung Cancer Screening
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Ultrasound (Diagnostic, Cardiac, Vascular)
  • In-House MRI
  • Nuclear Imaging – Stress Testing
  • PET Scan

All out-patient services provided are done on a scheduled basis with the order from your provider.

3-D Mammography

Davis County Hospital & Clinics offers a 3-D Mammography exam option that could improve early detection of breast cancer. Designed from the ground up with the input from women, the GE Senographe Pristina 3-D Technology, is the first mammography system to provide women with the “three Cs”: comfort, confidence, and clarity. Utilizing advanced breast tomosynthesis technology (also known as 3-D Mammography), these exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while also decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing (compared to 2-D mammography). Not only does this system offer patients a greater peace of mind, it delivers the superior diagnostic accuracy at the same low dose as a 2-D mammography exam, the lowest patient dose of all FDA-approved 3-D mammography systems.

If you’re interested in a 3-D Mammography exam at Davis County Hospital & Clinics, please contact your primary care provider as well as your insurance to verify coverage of 3-D exam services. 3-D Mammography exams are offered at Davis County Hospital & Clinics five days a week.

Mammography Assistance Program

Davis County Walk For Life is a mammography assistance program and is designed to assist under-insured and uninsured women in Davis County. To find out if you qualify, please contact Missy McCall at 641-664-7266. Committee Chairs are Susan Haskell & Holly Jones, who can be reached at 641-664-7139.

CT Lung Cancer Screening

Davis County Hospital & Clinics offers CT Lung Cancer Screenings. Early detection of lung cancer through CT screening of people at high risk of lung cancer, has been shown to decrease lung cancer deaths by 20 percent. If caught early, lung cancer can be curable. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in American men and women. It is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. and the world. More people in America die from lung cancer alone than prostate, breast and colon cancers combined Most cases are linked to tobacco smoking.

Are you a candidate for lung cancer screening?

Specialty organizations such as The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommend lung cancer screening if you are at high risk of lung cancer. Risk factors include:
• Age 55-77
• A current or former smoker
• Have a smoking history of at least 30 pack-years (for example, 1 pack a day for 30 years, 2 packs a day for 15 years, etc.)

If you meet the criteria as high risk for lung cancer and decide to enroll in the program, please speak with your provider today.