Davis County Hospital & Clinics offers Skilled Care Services (Swing Bed) to meet the needs of the patient. We respect the rights of the patients to choose the facility that best fits their needs. We are able to provide skilled services in any of our patient care beds without needing to transfer to another area of the hospital.

Services provided must be reasonable and necessary for the treatment of the patient’s condition and reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurances. As a practical matter, considering economy and efficiency, the daily skilled services can be provided ONLY on an inpatient basis in a Skilled Care or Swing Bed facility.

The services ordered must be for the treatment of the patient’s illness, injury, or fundamental decline for which they were hospitalized. At Davis County Hospital & Clinics, we provide these services on a low nurse to patient ratio. For Medicare patients, 3 acute overnight days and criteria for skilled care must precede a skilled admission.

Skilled Services May Include One or More Criteria to Qualify You to Use Your Benefit:

  • Physical Therapy Rehab for at least 5 days a week. Rehabilitation after a surgical repair or replacement of an affected limb.
  • IV Infusion Therapy at least twice daily.
  • Extensive Wound care.
  • Deconditioned state after a severe illness or trauma.

Skilled Services must be at a level of complexity that requires the judgment, knowledge, and skills of a qualified therapist or registered nurse under the direction of the patient’s personal physician at our facility.

Our established Physical Therapy department has provided uninterrupted care to our community and your Physician’s offices for the past 30+ years. At Davis County Hospital & Clinics, these services are provided by a knowledgeable, kind, and caring team of professionals focusing on quality patient care in a safe and nurturing environment. Skilled services must be provided as a result of your physician’s order and meet the accepted “Standards of Practice” as set by the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care.

It is your choice as to where you receive these services. Talk to your physician and let them know your choice of providers. Davis County Hospital & Clinics offers a full compliment of health services designed to meet the health care needs of Davis County and surrounding area residents. Patients in Skilled Care have a private room and have the opportunity to pick from a catered menu.

For additional information, please contact our Case Manager at 641-664-7087.