Community Wellness Screenings Event Cancelled

Davis County Hospital & Clinics (DCHC) annual Community Wellness Screenings event has unfortunately been canceled, due to the current laboratory supply shortage.

“Ultimately, we didn’t want to make this decision, but with the critical shortage of laboratory supplies affecting healthcare facilities, it was the decision we had to make,” commented Devyn Pitlick, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator at DCHC.

While DCHC is unable to host the Community Wellness Screenings this year, we encourage individuals to ensure they have their annual exams scheduled. No matter your age or stage of life, annual physical exams are essential to your ongoing health. Visiting your primary care provider (PCP) for regular preventive care is one of the best ways to identify and treat health issues before they worsen. Depending on your exam, risk factors, age, lifestyle, and family history, your PCP may order a variety of blood tests and other screenings during your annual physical exam.

If you are concerned about your wellness exam coverage, we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly. If you are under-insured, or uninsured, the DCHC Financial Services office (641-664-7144) is a great resource and can work through financial assistance possibilities. Financial Assistance Policy Information can also be found online here.